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Why September is the new January

Time to set your 'new' new years resolutions!

Ever since our school days, September has been a month of change and new routine as it marks the beginning of the academic year and a change in season from summer to autumn. The 9th month of the year sparks optimism, positivity and motivation which is why many people believe September over January is the true new year when it comes to setting new goals and starting afresh.

Why September is the new January

  • Don’t just work out, work out why - Improving fitness levels is a common new year resolution but if you are wanting to become more active and exercise more, figuring out the real reason why you wish to do so and setting yourself goals to work towards such as competing in a future event or beating a personal best can help you stick to your goal - Medichecks Fitness Blood Test.

  • Look after your liver - After the scorcher of a summer we have had, many of us may have experienced several late evenings drinking with friends in the sunshine. Moderate drinking over a prolonged length of time can damage the liver and although yes, it is good to check the health of our liver after a period of heavy drinking, it is also necessary to see if our usual drinking habits are having a negative effect to allow us to make any necessary changes as the colder, darker nights draw in - Medichecks Liver Blood Test.

  • End the day on aeroplane mode - Sleep plays a huge role in healthy brain function and overall emotional well being. In our modern-day lives work pressures, smartphones and long hours make it harder to switch off. Endless scrolling on our phones whilst lying in bed stimulates the brain and leaves you feeling wide awake. Aim to avoid your phone for at least an hour before bed to allow you to drift off to sleep with no distractions.

  • Take care of number one - Although it may seem you do not have enough hours in the day to finish your ever-growing to-do list, nothing will get done properly if you aren’t on top form. A regular health check should be an integral part of your lifestyle, in a similar way as having a dental check-up, a haircut and a sight test are. Make your health a priority - Medichecks Health and Lifestyle Blood Test.

  • Take advantage of the ‘fresh start effect’ - Use September to set goals and improve yourself. Unlike the actual new year, starting resolutions now works well as there is not the whole year to contend with, instead just 4 months until the new calendar year. A much more manageable chunk of time in which to track your changes and form lasting habits that you will then be able to carry on into next year.