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Postal service updates: October - December


5 medical causes of low mood

Did you know that some medical conditions can either cause or mimic low mood?


All you need to know about thyroid antibodies

Learn about the different types of thyroid antibodies and what they can tell you about your thyroid health.


Why indulging a little over Christmas isn’t always a bad idea

Overindulging is part and parcel of Christmas. But could indulging a little actually be good for your health?


Arguing over the heating? Here’s why you might be right

Feel like you’re fighting a losing battle over the thermostat? Here’s why you and the people you live with could all be right.


A doctor's guide to beating the Christmas hangover

Can you beat the Christmas hangover, or is December bound to be a month-long headache?


Coeliac disease – all you need to know

Find out more about how coeliac disease is diagnosed and treated - and where to get support.


Vitamins to boost your immunity this winter

Staying fighting fit in winter can be a challenge – but which vitamins and minerals can help?


Eating well for your mental health

We look at how making healthier food choices can help to support your mental health.


Prostate cancer affects 1 in 8 men - who is at risk?

Understand more about prostate cancer and how knowing your risk can help you take control of your health.


Cold hands and feet? 5 causes of poor circulation

Could your aching joints and cold extremities be down to more than just the colder weather?


5 ways your diet can help balance your hormones

Did you know your diet can affect how your hormones work?


How does British weather affect your vitamin D levels?

We’ve analysed the data of 71,789 customers. Find out the average vitamin D level in your area and why you should consider a supplement this winter.

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