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Health Hub

Our health hub contains lots of useful health and lifestyle articles to give you all the information you need to make more informed decisions and take control of your health.


Eating well for your mental health

We look at how making healthier food choices can help to support your mental health.


5 simple steps to keeping your gut healthy

Gut health plays a major role in maintaining our overall health and well being. Read our 5 tips for keeping your gut healthy.


Veggie fuelled recipes for everyone to try

Stuck on what to cook for dinner tonight? Why not try some new veggie recipes this National Vegetarian Week?


The importance of blood testing for bodybuilders

Blood testing can take the guesswork out and support you on your quest to a better physique, but how does it do this?


What to eat for each stage of your fertility journey

Knowing what to eat and when may seem a little daunting when on a fertility journey. Nutritionist Sophie Lester (RNutr) has everything you need to know.


How much protein do we really need to build muscle?

Find out more about how fuelling your body with the right foods can help build muscle and improve performance.


Vitamins and minerals - are you getting enough?

Despite having a well-balanced diet and taking additional supplements, your body may not be getting the nutrients it needs.


5 health conditions which can affect male fertility

There are many reasons why a man may experience infertility. In this blog we explore some common health conditions that can contribute.


Is drinking tea good for you?

Nutritionist Sophie Lester (RNutr) shares all on the nations favourite drink.


What is an overactive thyroid?

Understand what an overactive thyroid is and how it can be treated.


What is an underactive thyroid?

Understand what an underactive thyroid is and how it can be treated.


How did lockdown affect our health?

We analysed the data of over 10,000 Medichecks' customers to reveal how lockdown affected our health.