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What’s the average testosterone level in your region? 

We analysed over 20,000 testosterone results across the UK — which region has the lowest testosterone levels, and why is this relevant?


Are you iron deficient?

One in five women under 50 are iron deficient. But what should your iron levels be throughout your life?


My story: living with hypothyroidism

Ever wondered how blood testing helps manage a thyroid condition? One customer passionately shares their experience.


Everything you need to know about the Mediterranean diet

Learn more about the diet that is meant to improve your health.


Can we use food as medicine?

Here’s some food for thought — what if we could use food to fight disease?


Fertility, thyroid, and pregnancy

How can thyroid health affect fertility and pregnancy?


Bias in research – is women’s health being overlooked?

It’s no secret that our biological sex affects the way we develop, from hormones to physical appearance.  So when will medical research recognise these differences?


What is total cholesterol?

Not sure what your numbers mean? Here’s how to make sense of your Cholesterol Blood Test results.


Are cold showers bad for you?

With cold showers, ice therapy, and Wim Hof’s method becoming popular topics, we discuss whether cold showers are bad for you or if they should have a place in your daily routine.


What is Lyme disease and should I be worried?

Are you spending more time outside this summer? We explain everything you need to know about Lyme disease, from symptoms to top tips for avoiding tick bites.


Is a vitamin B12 deficiency affecting your health?

With an estimated 6 million people in the UK experiencing a vitamin B12 deficiency, it’s surprising how few people are aware of its health impacts.


Men’s health checklist — what should you be checking at your age?

The recommended checks and advice for every decade of a man’s life.

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