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Health Hub

Our health hub contains lots of useful health and lifestyle articles to give you all the information you need to make more informed decisions and take control of your health.


All you need to know about cholesterol

This blog covers everything - from what 'high cholesterol' really means, to the things you can do to keep your cholesterol levels in check. 


5 health conditions that are difficult to diagnose and why

We take a look at the journey behind a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, coeliac disease, hypothyroidism, PCOS and lyme disease.


Is it cold, flu or coronavirus?

To help you differentiate between the three illnesses Dr Sam Rodgers explains the symptoms of each illness to look out for.


10 essential tips every new cyclist needs to know

If you're a new rider yourself or know someone who is, here's all the advice we wish we'd received when we first got on our bikes.


Dr Sam's 6 ways to kick start healthy change in your life

Dr Sam is here to help you achieve your goals with his 6 ways to kick start healthy change in your life.


Is a vitamin B12 deficiency affecting your health?

With an estimated 6 million people in the UK experiencing a vitamin B12 deficiency, it’s surprising how few people are aware of its impacts.


Better your health with Michael Mosley

Medichecks partner with Michael Mosley to be the blood test provider for his new show - Lose a Stone in 21 Days.


6 tips for preventing injury as you return to the gym

Heading back to the gym this weekend? Read our top tips for avoiding injury as you return to the gym after lockdown.


Our top 10 blood tests

Not sure where to start with having a blood test done? Read more about our most popular tests here.


All you need to know about the Sirtfood Diet

Adele’s dramatic weight loss transformation has got everyone discussing the new Sirtfood Diet, but is it as beneficial as it claims to be?


5 ways running benefits health

Incorporating physical exercise into our daily lives is important to keep us fit and healthy. Discover 5 reasons why running is great for our health.


How to give yourself a health refresh as lockdown eases

Whether you’ve followed a strict schedule of Instagram live workouts or sat back and enjoyed being quiz master over Zoom, now that lockdown is easing, you may be wanting to adopt healthier habits as we enter into the “new normal”.