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Fertility buying guide

Struggling to choose the right fertility test for you? We've created a handy buying guide to help you choose the right test for each stage of your fertility journey.


What is infertility?

Infertility affects nearly one in seven couples. We look at what infertility is, how it is investigated and where to get support.


What are the main causes of female infertility?

Do you know the underlying conditions that can cause female infertility? We discuss some of the most common reasons why you may be struggling to conceive.


What are the main causes of male infertility?

The causes of male infertility are not always obvious. In this section, we investigate the possible causes of male infertility and if there’s anything you can do about them.


What treatments can help me conceive?

Depending on your circumstances, the NHS has a range of fertility treatments that you can access. We explain intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilisation (IVF), and intracytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI).


How can I increase my chances of conception?

Lifestyle changes may help to optimise your general health and improve your chances of getting pregnant. See what changes you can make to increase your chances of conception.


Top 10 common fertility myths

Take a look at the ten most common fertility myths, where we give you the honest answers - backed by professionals.


Fertility glossary

Are infertility terms leaving you feeling confused? We explain infertility medical terms in a way that makes sense.

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