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Our customer stories

“Medichecks has become a way of life for me!”

“Medichecks has become a way of life for me!”


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John's story

John stopped competitive bodybuilding but still wanted to maintain his health and fitness levels. Find out how he continues to use Medichecks to optimise his overall wellbeing.

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Alison's story

Alison has IBS and a family history of heart disease, and after making some key dietary changes, she wanted to investigate if her health was improving.

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Sean’s story

Sean discovered that many people could wrongly believe they have a penicillin allergy. After several allergic reactions during his childhood, he wanted to investigate his own status.

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Dave's story

Dave discovered Medichecks after his wife was researching private blood testing facilities. He used his results to make positive lifestyle changes and lose weight. 

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Greg's story

After reaching a low point in his life, Greg was determined to turn his health around by changing his diet. Find out how he used Medichecks to completely change his life.

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Ian's story

Ian has multiple serious health conditions which need monitoring regularly. Discover how he uses Medichecks to gain invaluable insights and improve his wellbeing.

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Carole's story

A rare immunodeficiency began affecting Carole's daily life so she decided it was time to take control of her health with the help of Medichecks. 

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Jane's story

Jane had been through a myriad of tests with her GP to discover a cause but had no luck. Discover how Medichecks helped her get her life back.

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Anonymous story

After a biannual check-up, this customer identified that they needed to change their diet to improve their sports performance.

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From hormones and nutrition, to cholesterol and diabetes, we have the test for you.

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