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7 signs you could have low testosterone

Low testosterone can affect men of any age. So what are the signs yours might be flagging?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that gives men their masculine characteristics. Kicking in at puberty, it causes the penis and the testicles to enlarge, the voice to drop and body and facial hair to develop.

It is also the hormone that is responsible for muscle mass as well as assertiveness and aggression. The production of testosterone peaks at around 30 years old and then gradually declines into middle and old age. Although low testosterone is more common in middle age (the andropause is thought to be the male equivalent of the menopause) low testosterone can affect men of any age. So what are the signs that your testosterone might be flagging?

1. Low libido.

Testosterone fuels your sex drive. If your libido has gone from normal to non-existent, then low testosterone could be to blame.

2. Erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone is responsible for triggering the release of nitric oxide which in turn triggers an erection. If you can’t achieve or maintain a full erection then low testosterone could be the problem.

3. Lack of muscle.

Testosterone is necessary to build and maintain muscle mass. Not getting results in the gym? Then low testosterone could be to blame.

4. Problems sleeping.

There is a correlation between low testosterone and disturbed sleep. Finding it hard to nod off? Then you may have low testosterone.

4. Increase in body fat.

Low testosterone is associated with higher fat levels especially around the middle and even the breasts. Worried about man boobs? It could be low testosterone.

5. Mood changes.

Irritable, depressed, lacking confidence and lost your usual drive? Then low testosterone may be the cause.

6. Fatigue and lack of energy.

Low testosterone is associated with decreasing energy and fatigue. Too tired for your normal activities? Then take a look at your testosterone levels.

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