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Our health hub contains lots of useful health and lifestyle articles to give you all the information you need to make more informed decisions and take control of your health.


Everything you need to know about the ketogenic diet

Dr Peter Prinsloo is a chemical pathologist and doctor who is head of clinical governance at Medichecks.


Health Information Week 2019

Use Health Information Week to take control of your own health with a Medichecks test.


Hay fever - more to worry about than just a runny nose?

In the UK this summer, the Met Office has estimated that up to 20 million Brits could be more sensitised to hay fever symptoms due to the unusually high pollen count.


How much protein do we really need to build muscle?

Find out more about how fuelling your body with the right foods can help build muscle and improve performance.


Do you need more magnesium?

When thinking about important minerals in the body such as calcium and iron, many forget about magnesium  even though it is involved in over 300 processes in the body.


The problem with testing total vitamin B12 levels

A vitamin B12 deficiency is a common health condition that is notoriously difficult to spot and diagnose. Find out more about why an active vitamin B12 test is a more accurate way of diagnosing a vitamin B12 deficiency compared to a total B12 test.


Are you immune to measles?

Measles has been a hot topic in the news lately with the number of outbreaks on the rise. Find out more about measles and how simple it is to check if you are immune to the virus.


What is zinc and why is it important?

Find out why zinc is important for good health and the problems with over-supplementing.


Heart disease is on the rise

For the first time in 50 years the number of people under the age of 75 dying from heart and circulatory disease is on the rise. Find out if you are at risk and how to keep your heart healthy.


5 simple steps to keeping your gut healthy

Gut health plays a major role in maintaining our overall health and well being. Read our 5 tips for keeping your gut healthy.


Lyme disease is on the rise: here's what you need to know

Everything you need to know in order to keep you and your family safe.


Should we be injecting vitamins?

There has been a lot in the news lately about the growing trend for intravenous "vitamin" drips, but does this new celebrity induced new craze...