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Health Hub

Our health hub contains lots of useful health and lifestyle articles to give you all the information you need to make more informed decisions and take control of your health.


The after-effects of the Medichallenge

Discover how Veganuary and Dry January can impact our overall health.


5 surprising facts you didn't know about STIs

Think you know your STIs? Think again!


Are sweeteners healthier than sugar?

Often when people try to cut down on their sugar intake they replace it with sweeteners but are the low-calorie alternatives as healthy as we think?


Top 10 health benefits of a vegan diet

With only a few days left in Veganuary, Dr Fernando discusses the top 10 health benefits of following a vegan diet.


5 nutrition "must-do’s" for athletes

We have teamed up with our powerlifting doctor, Hamed Kamali to bring you his top 5 nutrition must do's for athletes.


Medichecks 2020 health and wellness predictions

It's a new decade, a new year and time for a whole host of new health and wellness trends!


Ribble Pro Cycling's top tips for endurance training

With many of us taking up new ways of staying active each New Year we have teamed up with Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling's coach, Jack Rees to give you his top tips for starting a new sport and how blood testing with Medichecks has helped with his teams endurance fitness.


Dry January vs Damp January - which is better for you?

Every January, more and more people pledge to give up alcohol for the month after a busy festive period but is it actually better for you than just cutting down on your alcohol intake?


Top 10 tips to get through Veganuary

Have you decided to join the Veganuary revolution as your 2020 new year’s resolution? Check out our 10 top tips to get through the month.


The benefit of before and after blood testing

Understand the benefit of before and after blood testing before you make a start your New Year resolutions in 2020.


What causes blood sample errors?

Here are the 3 most common causes of blood sample errors and how you can help to avoid them.


The 10 testosterone commandments

Do you want to boost your testosterone? Discover the diet and lifestyle do's and don'ts that can help you achieve optimum testosterone levels.