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Results reveal the extent of bigorexia

With research showing that three in four exercising males consider anabolic steroid use, is reality TV fuelling a crisis of confidence among men?


What is hepatitis?

Read all you need to know about hepatitis.


Alcohol awareness – are you aware of the risks?

Alcohol is linked to more than 60 different medical conditions – are your drinking habits damaging your health?


How to reduce your risk of flu

The season of coughs and colds is back – but how do we shoo the flu?


Is your sleep pattern risking your health?

Is poor sleep affecting your health? We look at how sleep affects our health and how to get better sleep.


What is muscle dysmorphia?

Body image issues are more common than you think. We look at the signs and symptoms of muscle dysmorphia and what support is available.


Prebiotics vs probiotics - what's the difference?

Prebiotics and probiotics may sound similar, but did you know they play different roles in your health?


The effects of steroids on the body

Are steroids ever safe? We look at how steroids work, including the dangers and how to stay safe.


Vitamins to stay healthy during winter

Staying fighting fit in winter can be a challenge—but are there some vitamins and minerals that can help?


Time for a health check?

When everything is going well, having a health check or blood test might not seem like a top priority. But how do you know when it is time for a health check?


Gut health and mental health - is there a link?

Ever wondered if there is a link between your gut and how you feel? We look at whether gut health affects your mental health.


Are cold showers bad for you?

With cold showers and ice therapy becoming a popular topic in the news, we discuss whether cold showers are bad for you or if they should have a place in your daily routine.

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