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Remote blood testing

Keep your health business running and support your patients during the second lockdown with remote blood testing


The impact of a second lockdown on private health professionals

As we enter a second lockdown, the next few weeks, and potentially months, will again be a time of uncertainty for many businesses, particularly those that rely on face-to-face contact such as private health services. As advice from the government urges UK citizens to avoid social settings and non-essential travel, many health practitioners, nutritionists and lifestyle coaches will be seeing appointments and consultations being postponed or even cancelled altogether. And although the government has emphasised the importance of healthcare continuing, many people may still feel uncomfortable with face-to-face appointments during this time.

Fortunately, there is still a way for you to support patients and clients during a second lockdown. With Medichecks’ home-to-lab blood tests you can continue to offer a full health service remotely, allowing you to keep your businesses running during this uncertain time.

Remote testing - how does it work?

Medichecks offers a comprehensive range of home-to-lab blood tests which your clients can do in the comfort of their own home using an easy finger-prick sample collection kit. This eliminates the need for them to visit a clinic or have a nurse come to their house to have their blood drawn. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 - test kit delivered to your patient 

Patients will receive their test kit in the post. As it is small enough to fit through their letter box, they can be reassured that they will have limited contact with other people. The kit will contain everything they need to take their sample at home, including easy-to-follow instructions.

Step 2 - patient collects sample and posts to the lab

Once they have collected their sample they will then return the kit to our laboratory in the prepaid envelope provided. This can fit through the post box so there's no need for them to visit the post office.

Step 3 - results delivered securely online

Once the laboratory has analysed the sample, your patient’s personalised results will be made available easily online through a secure portal. You can then discuss these results with your patient during a phone or video consultation.

With this easy process you can remove the need for face-to-face appointments and your patients can be reassured that they can still continue to use your services without jeopardising their own safety or the safety of others.

Why use Medichecks’ home blood testing service?

With Medichecks you can continue to continue to provide blood testing for patients remotely. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Medichecks as your health testing provider:
  • Dedicated Medichecks account manager offering end to end support.
  • A comprehensive range of tests including biochemistry, haematology, thyroid, hormones, nutrition, cortisol saliva tests, sports performance and general health.
  • Easy access to results online.
  • Account options tailored to suit your needs.
  • Lower laboratory prices through our practitioner discounts.
  • Easy to use, secure, bespoke portal for ordering tracking and results.
  • Medical comments from our team of qualified doctors which help patients to monitor conditions.
  • Accurate results from our UKAS accredited partner laboratories.
  • Quick, convenient and reliable service.

See what our customers say about our remote blood testing service:

“This worked well with my specialist who is 2 hours away. I was able to do all the needed tests and send results. We then had a follow-up call without me having to do all the travel.”

Getting set up is easy

Find out more about Medichecks' services for practitioners.

If you are ready to get set up as a practitioner, contact with our business team at or on 0345 066 0022.