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David’s health story

David (57) was concerned about the decline in childhood vaccinations, so wanted to investigate his immunity to serious potential health risks. Here’s his story:

“I was becoming increasingly concerned about the number of children that are now not having the MMR jab, and the fact that measles is on the rise.

I could not recall ever having had measles, nor could I remember having been immunised against it either. I was born before the introduction of the combined MMR jab.

So I took Medichecks’ Measles Mumps Rubella Immunity (MMR) Blood Test, and my results revealed that I have no immunity to measles, although I am immune to mumps and rubella.

Thanks to my results, I fully intend to get myself immunised when this current lockdown is lifted. Getting measles as an adult can be far more severe than getting it as a child.

I would definitely recommend Medichecks to others - the tests can reveal problems that may eventually affect your health, even though you may not have any symptoms to cause concern.

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