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Finger-prick blood test

    Order your test online
  1. Order your test online

    Choose the finger-prick test that is right for you online. If you need help choosing a test, you can use our helpful test finder here.

    Once your order has been processed you will receive an email which includes any special instructions for your test. Now sit back and relax, while we deliver your kit straight to your letterbox.

    Collect your sample
  2. Collect your sample

    Your finger-prick blood test kit will have everything you need. Collect your sample in the morning using our easy-to-follow instructions inside the kit.

    Post your sample
  3. Post your sample

    Make sure you send your sample on the same day you take it. Use the freepost envelope in your kit.

    Help our doctors interpret your results
  4. Help our doctors interpret your results

    Login to and answer a few simple health and lifestyle questions to help our doctors review your results.

    Get your results
  5. Get your results

    Your blood test results will be reviewed by one of our expert doctors and uploaded to your personal dashboard. They'll include explanations and recommendations on the best next steps to improve your health.

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