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High blood pressure: causes, risks, and prevention

Your guide to high blood pressure and how you can prevent it.


What is blood pressure and how do I measure it?

Most people understand the importance of blood pressure — but do you know what your numbers mean?


Should you exercise when you're tired?

It’s gym day, but you’re not feeling it. Should you power through or go to bed?


Eat to beat heart disease

Learn more about heart-healthy foods that can prevent and help to beat heart disease.


Sick of the cold? 5 ways to boost your energy levels

Wipe out winter tiredness and beat the cold this February with our five top tips to boost energy.


How your menstrual cycle affects your health

From your metabolism to how well you sleep at night, find out how your menstrual cycle can affect you throughout the month.


Guide to pregnancy hormones

What can hormones tell you about your pregnancy?


Can erectile dysfunction be a sign of heart disease?

Is erectile dysfunction related to heart disease? Physician Associate, Matthew Rai, investigates the causes of heart disease and whether men really are more at risk.


Why men’s health is more important than ever

The pandemic has put a spotlight on the health of the nation — but is men's health at greater risk?


Great British Health Check results

The results from our Great British Health Check are in! Here's what we've learnt about the health of Great Britain going into 2022.


Is overtraining affecting your performance?

Have you ever wondered if you're training too much? Dr Dan looks at how to spot overtraining and what it could be doing to your performance.


Health and wellness predictions for women in 2022

2021 taught us to prioritise our wellbeing, while home rituals gave new meaning to self-care. But what does 2022 have in store?

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