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Zinc (serum) Blood Test

Zinc (serum) Blood Test


A simple blood test to measure the amount of zinc in your blood serum.
Blood sample 1 biomarker included Results estimated in 5 working days from sample receipt at lab
Zinc (serum) Blood Test
Zinc (serum) Blood Test
Zinc (serum) Blood Test
Zinc (serum) Blood Test

Is it for you?

Do you eat a plant based diet and worry that you don't eat enough zinc? Perhaps you are you taking zinc supplements and want to check that you're not overdoing them? Or do you have a condition like coeliac disease or Crohn's that affects your ability to absorb the nutrients in food? Testing your zinc levels is easy with this accurate laboratory test.

What's included?

Biomarker profile

  • Minerals

Minerals (1 Biomarker)

From the expert

Zinc is found in cells throughout the body and is needed for keeping the immune system healthy as well as supporting cell division, cell growth and wound healing. It is also necessary for your sense of taste and smell. Zinc the removes toxic metals from the brain, such as copper, lead, cadmium, and mercury. 

You can become deficient in zinc if you don't eat enough foods containing zinc or if you have problems in absorbing the nutrients in food. Signs of zinc deficiency includes hair loss, skin lesions and slow healing wounds, and diarrhoea. Our bodies need only small amounts of zinc to function properly. Zinc can be found in red meat, poultry, pulses, seeds and nuts although the zinc found in plant-based sources is not absorbed as efficiently as the zinc in meat or shellfish. For this reason, people on plant-based diets may be at higher risk of zinc deficiency.

Even though zinc is an essential requirement for a healthy body, too much zinc can be harmful. Excessive absorption of zinc can also suppress copper and iron absorption.

Dr Sam Rodgers MBBS, MRCGP
Chief Medical Officer

Why take this test?

  • You simply want to check you're getting enough zinc in your diet
  • You suffer frequently from colds and flu and want to check your zinc status
  • You have Crohn's or coeliac disease which affects your absorption of nutrients
  • You want to optimise your zinc levels for general wellbeing

Laboratories you can trust

Trusted by the NHS and private clinics alike, you can be sure of the highest testing standards from our UKAS accredited partner laboratories.

Dr Sam Rodgers - Chief Medical Officer

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Questions? Let us help
Questions? Let us help

Questions? Let us help

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Our tests are not a substitute for seeing your doctor, especially if you are suffering symptoms. Our doctors will interpret your results based on the information you have provided, but will not diagnose, consult or provide any treatment. You will be advised to see your doctor for any necessary follow-up action.