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Oestradiol Blood Test

Oestradiol Blood Test


A convenient at-home finger-prick blood test for men and women who want to measure the level of the female hormone oestradiol in their body.
Blood sample 1 biomarker included Results estimated in 2 working days from sample receipt at lab
Oestradiol Blood Test
Oestradiol Blood Test
Oestradiol Blood Test
Oestradiol Blood Test
Oestradiol Blood Test

Is it for you?

Are you a man who is concerned about breast enlargement (gynaecomastia, man-boobs) and wants to see whether high oestradiol (oestrogen) could be the cause? Or do you take testosterone supplements and want to check that your oestradiol levels are normal? Are you a woman who wants to investigate abnormal periods or your menopausal status? If so, this simple, affordable finger-prick test is right for you.

What's included?

Biomarker profile

  • Hormones

Hormones (1 Biomarker)

Special instructions

Take this test between days 2 and 5 of your period. It can be taken at any time if you are not having periods. HRT and the contraceptive pill can affect the results of this test, taking the test during a break from these will give more accurate results. Avoid taking a finger-prick sample from a finger used to handle hormone-gels or hormone-pessaries in the past 4 weeks. Do not take biotin supplements for 2 days prior to this test. If you are taking prescribed biotin you should discuss this with your doctor.

From the expert

Oestradiol is a steroid hormone that accounts for 80% of the oestrogen in the female body. It is also found in men at much lower levels. It is important for both men and women to have optimal levels of oestradiol as it is essential for bone strength, libido and sexual function, and the distribution of fat. 

In women oestradiol is secreted by the ovaries, adrenal glands and the placenta in pregnancy and is responsible for the development and maintenance of reproductive structures, including fat distribution, preparing the follicle in the ovary for the release of an egg and helping to maintain bone density. 

In men oestradiol is converted from testosterone by the action of the aromatase enzyme. Elevated oestradiol in men can cause gynaecomastia, also known as moobs or man-boobs.

Dr Sam Rodgers MBBS, MRCGP
Chief Medical Officer

Why take this test?

  • You want to monitor your oestradiol level
  • You are a woman looking to explain abnormal periods, heavy bleeding or symptoms of menopause
  • You are a man who is worried about "man boobs" and wants to check oestradiol levels
  • You are a man who takes testosterone and wants to check female hormones

Laboratories you can trust

Trusted by the NHS and private clinics alike, you can be sure of the highest testing standards from our UKAS accredited partner laboratories.

Dr Sam Rodgers - Chief Medical Officer

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Questions? Let us help
Questions? Let us help

Questions? Let us help

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Our tests are not a substitute for seeing your doctor, especially if you are suffering symptoms. Our doctors will interpret your results based on the information you have provided, but will not diagnose, consult or provide any treatment. You will be advised to see your doctor for any necessary follow-up action.