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Advanced Male Fertility Hormone Blood Test

Advanced Male Fertility Hormone Blood Test


An advanced hormone profile for male fertility that includes testosterone, FSH, LH, and prolactin.
Blood sample 7 biomarkers included Results estimated in 2 working days from sample receipt at lab
Advanced Male Fertility Hormone Blood Test
Advanced Male Fertility Hormone Blood Test
Advanced Male Fertility Hormone Blood Test
Advanced Male Fertility Hormone Blood Test
Advanced Male Fertility Hormone Blood Test

Is it for you?

You and your partner have been trying to conceive for a while and are concerned that nothing is happening? Perhaps you are aware that males can contribute to infertility in couples and want to check your male reproductive hormones are in the normal range? Or are you about to start fertility investigations and your doctor has recommended hormone tests? This advanced men's fertility profile offers you an in-depth assessment of your hormonal health and your fertility.

What's included?

Biomarker profiles

  • Proteins
  • Hormones

Proteins (2 Biomarkers)

Hormones (5 Biomarkers)

Special instructions

Prepare for your Advanced Male Fertility Hormone Blood Test by following these instructions. Please take your sample before 10am. Hormonal contraception can affect the results of this test. Taking a break from this and waiting for your periods to restart before your blood test will give more accurate results. Avoid taking your sample from a finger used to apply hormone gels/pessaries/patches in the past 4 weeks. Use gloves to apply these. Do not take biotin supplements for two days before this test, discuss this with your doctor if it is prescribed. If you are a woman take this test two to five days after the start of your period, ideally on day three. It can be taken any time if you do not have periods.

From the expert

There are many causes of male infertility which your fertility specialist will want to investigate. Male fertility requires healthy sperm to reach an egg for fertilisation. Anything that interferes with this process can make conception more difficult so your specialist will want to look at the health and quality of your sperm, illnesses, injuries or medications that may affect your fertility and whether you have optimal levels of reproductive hormones.
This advanced hormone profile for men includes the hormones FSH and LH which are needed for testosterone and sperm production. Testosterone is an important male hormone which is responsible for libido and sexual performance as well as the manufacture of healthy sperm. This profile includes a test for free testosterone, a calculation of how much testosterone is available for your body to use.

A hormone test is a crucial part of the picture that your doctor will build about your fertility and your ability to father a child. It will show whether the levels of any of your reproductive hormones are abnormal which could affect your sperm production, libido or sexual performance.

Dr Sam Rodgers MBBS, MRCGP
Chief Medical Officer


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Dr Sam Rodgers - Chief Medical Officer

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