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Is your body ageing faster than you - Daily Mail

Medichecks provided the Daily Mail with a number of health check for their study into ageing.

Is your body ageing faster than you? Your heart, lungs and other organs all age at varying speeds. Now new tests can reveal which are faring best - and worst

They say age is just a number. But what if that's true - and your body is far younger (or older) than your birth certificate states?

Biological age - as distinct from actual age - is a subject dominating scientific study, with research revealing that, biologically speaking, people grow old at radically different rates.

Earlier this year, researchers at Duke University in the U.S. announced they had developed a groundbreaking test for biological age, based on 18 physiological markers, including kidney and liver function.

But how might your biological age affect your health? To find out we asked four people to take a series of tests similar to those in the Duke University study. These included body mass index and waist size, and other measures of heart health and immune system function. Our volunteers also underwent a treadmill test to assess lung function, and had their gums examined.

The results were then assessed by Dr Kyriazis, London-based dental surgeon Dr Charles Ferber, Dr Helen Webberley, a GP and medical director of Medichecks, where the tests were conducted, and Mr David Lloyd, a consultant liver surgeon at Leicester General Hospital.

Each body part tested was given an age according to the results, then an overall biological age was calculated as an average.

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