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Carole's health story

After a rare immunodeficiency began affecting her daily life, Carole decided it was time to take control of her health. Here’s her story:

“25 years ago, I was diagnosed with Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis (CMC), a rare t-cell immunodeficiency, the symptoms of which give me constant candidiasis, especially orally. 

I had been unwell for several years and despite attending many NHS clinics, no-one could tell me what was wrong. Eventually, I saw a consultant in the private sector who was able to quickly identify what was wrong and give me treatment.

Sadly, there is no cure for this condition and there are no answers as to why I have it, but if I’m treated with the correct doses of anti-fungal drugs, the condition can be kept under control. 

Unfortunately, CMC also makes me prone to respiratory problems and other illnesses but, as I am immunocompromised, I can be asymptomatic.

A large part of my daily life is spent managing my ill health and it was impacting my wellbeing. I wanted to take more control and carry out my own tests, so I carried out an internet search and was delighted to discover that Medichecks also offered sputum sampling.

I have now taken three of the Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Routine Sputum Culture Tests, the kits are very easy and convenient to use and the results come back (reported by a doctor) quickly. 

This test checks for bacterial infections in the respiratory tract, and as I can be asymptomatic it gives me the reassurance I need. It also helps me to feel more in control of my conditions and their management, thus improving my wellbeing. I have not taken any other tests with Medichecks as my chest problems and the resulting pains are my primary concern, but I would definitely consider purchasing other tests in the future.

I would highly recommend Medichecks to other people who would like to manage their health conditions by taking more personal control outside the NHS. They are a highly professional company and easy to deal with and I will continue to use them in the management of my health.

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