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Zika Virus IgM


If the body is infected with bacteria, viruses or any other harmful microorganisms, the immune system produces antibodies to fight the infection. IgM antibodies are primary antibodies released into the blood early in the immune response.

Zika virus-specific IgM antibodies are generally present in the blood around 4 days after infection and may continue to circulate in the blood for up to 12 weeks post exposure.

What might a low result mean?

If you think you have been exposed to the virus, testing too soon after initial exposure to the virus may give a false negative result as the body may not have yet produced detectable levels of the IgM antibodies.

What might a high result mean?

Detection of Zika virus Antibodies IgM, with or without Zika virus IgG, will usually indicate a recent Zika virus infection. However, raised IgM results alone should not be used to diagnose a zika virus infection, as false positive results are possible in those with a history of infection with other Flaviviruses.