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Veganuary - good for your health?

Dr Sam Rodgers talks to Female First about how going vegan can affect your health.

The trend for veganism is growing fast – this year Veganuary report that 150,000 people are taking up the vegan challenge, compared with 60,000 in 2017. But vegan diets are not without their detractors with many even in the health profession worrying about the lack of protein and important vitamins and minerals.

So, should you worry if you or a loved one has decided to go vegan, especially if they make it a long-term lifestyle choice? We decided to interrogate the Medichecks data and see what is the case when we compare our vegan customers with those customers who profess to eat a normal balanced diet.

Clickhereto read the article in full and find out more about how going vegan can affect important health markers including vitamin B12, cholesterol, iron and vitamin D.