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The motivational running tips you need to know

We spoke with top running coach and personal trainer Siobhan Rootes who shared her 6 top tips for keeping the motivation up whilst running and training hard.

You’re tired after a long day at work, your meetings ran over, you ate a very late lunch and now your scheduled 6 pm run is looking less and less likely to happen - so how can you stay motivated so that your training doesn’t slip? Read below for my 6 top motivational tips to keep you on track!

1. Have a goal

Having a goal to work towards is a sure-fire way to keep the motivation alive. A little bit of healthy pressure put on you such as knowing you’ve got to run a certain race at the end of your training makes it more likely you’ll keep it up.

2. Run for a charity

Picking a charity that’s close to you to run for is another great way to keep on top of your running, you won’t want to let them down and if you have been fundraising alongside your training, lots of your family/friends will be following your journey.


3. Keep it social

Running is meant to be fun and enjoyable and running with like-minded people is a great social thing to do and it keeps you motivated. If you’re due to run with a friend later in the day, chances are you’ll keep to your promise as you won’t want to let them down. Running with others is a great way to share advice and stories, as hearing what they get up to can be inspiring and gives you the kick to keep going!


Make sure that whatever goal and training plan you have is realistic and achievable to you. There is no point in picking a plan that wants you to run 5 times a week when you know that’s too much, if 3 times a week is achievable, stick with that and remember - consistency is key!

5. Make small goals along the way

You may be targeting a big race, let’s say a half marathon, this could be several weeks away which is a long time to keep yourself motivated for.

Consider making small goals along the way, such as participating in smaller races, park runs, or 10ks for example, it gives you closer goals to work towards and is a great way to assess your fitness at different points during your training.

6. Avoid the terrible too’s

Too much, too fast, too soon all lead to overtraining and injury and no runner wants this as it can be very frustrating and sometimes make you feel like you don’t want to bother. By having a sensible approach allowing your training to progress gradually over time and giving yourself adequate rest and recovery will all help to make your running consistent and enjoyable. Of course, injury and illness can occur, be sensible when this does happen and don’t return too quickly.

Happy running!