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Lost your fitness mojo? Read our tips for getting it back.

We all know the value of exercise for our long-term health, but sometimes its difficult to find the time, energy and motivation to make exercise part of our regular routine. Read our tips on how to rediscover your fitness mojo.

Incorporating physical exercise into our daily lives is important to keep us fit and healthy, reducing the risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Yesterday was National Fitness Day, a day highlighting the importance of physical activity on our overall health. Although often we may get the occasional burst of motivation to sign up to a new hot yoga class we read about or embark on a 30-day boot camp, often work and family life gets in the way and it’s easy to put our fitness regime on the back-burner. 

If it seems difficult to make exercise part of your regular routine, here are some tips to keep you motivated.

1. Lighten your goals

Having clear sets of goals is really important when embarking on a fitness regime but setting them too high can leave us overwhelmed and therefore more likely to fail and then give up altogether. Remember, it is much more important to do something than nothing so if you can't face a run or an hour in the gym, go for a walk; recent studies suggest that even a moderate amount of walking per week reduces the risk of all-cause mortality.

According to Medichecks sports and nutrition doctor Hamed Kamali: “the most important thing is to not give yourself a hard time - redirect your attention to ensuring your diet and sleep are optimal and you’ll be feeling good and ready to hit the weights again in no time!”

2. Track your progress

Although there are many different fitness trackers available on the market that can help to monitor your performance over time, a simple act of keeping a daily diary of your performance can help you to see the progress you’re making and remind yourself of how far you’ve come.

National Fitness Day

3. Don’t go it alone

Research suggests that exercising in a group increases the intensity and duration of our workouts. Not only that, sharing our goals with other people makes us more likely to achieve them, as it makes us more accountable. Being part of a group or team encourages you to stick to your exercise plans - you don’t want to let your team down when you’ve promised to go on that 6 am run now do you? 

4. Follow inspirational athletes

We all know social media is a huge influencer and following fitness accounts can be a powerful motivator to keep up healthy habits. If you are really keen to take up a new sport or form of exercise, following people already in that field can really help to keep you inspired. 

5. Know your inner health

One of the great benefits of exercise is the effect it has on your inner health. With a Medichecks blood test, you can get a clear picture of your health before you embark on a new fitness regime, and then again a few months down the line. Seeing the improvements you can make to markers like cholesterol and blood sugar in just a few months will encourage you to adopt these changes long-term as part of a healthy lifestyle and not as just a one-off fitness kick.

Top running coach Nick Anderson believes in the importance of monitoring your inner health when training:"check your energy levels with Medichecks to be sure your health markers are in place and your body is ready. Your training could then become sustainable based on the information gained making your goals so much easier to reach."

Get Medichecked 

Our new Fit range of blood tests gives sports beginners and professional athletes alike a comprehensive insight into their inner health. There are 3 different levels within the range: BaselineAdvanced and Endurance.

So if you are feeling tired, lacking motivation or struggling to recover after injury, a Medichecks blood test can help you to optimise your training, to help you perform at your best and smash your fitness goals.