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Get your winter wardrobe sorted

Over the last few weeks the cold, winter weather has been creeping in, making it the time to dig out the gloves and warmer sports kit!

The correct kit creates confidence

Although many may try to ‘make do’ when it’s chucking down with rain, slippery or blowing a gale-force wind outside, it is very important toinvestin some quality winter running kit. Base layers, long tights, a visible running jacket or gilet, running specific gloves, hats and headbands are a must. Be safe, seen and be warm this winter. High viz clothing is an essential, and feeling confident that you can be seen makes the whole run or session safer and more enjoyable.


Layer up…within reason!

Layer up sensibly with a quality wicking base layer and then allow the first 10 minutewarm-up section of your run to do its job and warm your core temperature, making the run tolerable and comfortable (as long as you keep moving!).With a wardrobe stuffed full of appropriate kit, there are no excuses when you look out the window in dismay. Remember as Billy Connolly once said… ‘There is no such thing as badweather… just the wrong clothes’!

Just as you have done all year round, make sure your footwear is still coping well -avoid going into winter training with old trainers that have lost support. We suggest investing in a new pair of trainers every 300-500 miles, and another gait analysis is always a good idea to make sure you’re ahead of the game and in the best shoe to suit you.

Cope with the wet, muddy or frosty conditions underfoot by investing in a trail shoe. The better grip and support will continue to make your usual parks and trail routes achievable and a pleasure rather than you having to change them and stick to the road.

There's no reason to let your training schedule slip in winter and you may even find that you do some of your best and most enjoyable running when you're out in wintery conditions wearing the right gear and with the right visibility - in fact at times winter running can be absolutely magical.So no excuses, get kitted-up and hit the road!