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6 reasons to have a health check

Should a health check be just for people who are sick or experiencing symptoms? Find out why we donʼt think so.

With our busy, pressured, modern lives, it can be challenging to put ourselves first, and we often take our wellbeing for granted. However, looking after both our mental and physical health is an essential part of self-care, which shouldn't be ignored, particularly during these uncertain times we are currently living in.

With Medichecks' range of home health tests, you can conveniently check your current health status and gain key insights into your inner health. Not sure a health test is necessary for you? Here are six reasons to check your health:

1. Establish your baseline

It may seem unnecessary to have a health test when you aren't experiencing symptoms, however knowing your current state of health will help you be more aware of anything that does change. Establishing your baseline and knowing your starting point will help you to make any necessary lifestyle changes to maintain good health and ensure a longer life. A health check could also help highlight the early stages of illnesses such as diabetes and high cholesterol so you can take action before they progress. With Medichecks' online health portal, it's easy to monitor your levels over time so you can pick up on any changes, putting you in control of your health.

Key tests – cholesterol, diabetes, vitamins and minerals, hormones, blood pressure

2. Investigate a health concern

Having health worries can be very stressful and make everything seem out of our control. Whether you have a family history of a specific condition and want to find out if you’re at risk, you aren’t feeling your best and want to know whether an underlying condition is to blame, or you just have a niggling health concern you would like to explore, Medichecks can help you find the answers you need. With our quick, convenient service, you can have your results delivered online within just a few days.

Key tests – diabetes, thyroid function, vitamin D, hormones

3. Optimise your sports or fitness performance

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from a health check. By measuring key markers in your blood and tracking them over time, you can fine-tune your nutrition, training, and recovery to reach your fitness goals. Medichecks’ range of sports performance tests look at key hormones, thyroid function, inflammation, iron status, and vitamins and minerals, all of which affect how well you are performing. Read our guide to help improve your sports performance.

Key tests – full blood count, hormones, inflammation (CRP), testosterone, ferritin, vitamin D

4. Monitor new milestones

People are living longer than ever, which is a great thing. However, it is important that we think about our health as we get older, particularly as risks of certain diseases increase as we age. Once you reach your 40s and 50s, it is a good idea to check for diabetes, cholesterol, liver health, and other markers, which can be often be improved through lifestyle changes if caught early.

Why not give yourself the gift of good health and ring in a new year or decade with a comprehensive health check?

Key tests – liver health, diabetes, heart disease risk, cholesterol

5. Rediscover your drive

Tiredness is one of the main reasons people visit their GP, and while it can be as simple as getting more sleep, often there is an underlying cause of our lethargy. Low vitamin and mineral levels, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and hormone imbalances are all associated with fatigue. A great place to start would be a health check if you feel more tired than usual. Exploring key blood markers can help you to determine the cause of the problem and adjust any imbalances.

Key tests – iron status, vitamin B12 and folate, diabetes, thyroid function, vitamin D

6. Gain peace of mind

You don’t have to be ill to benefit from a comprehensive health check. Nothing puts a spring in your step more than a clean bill of health, and taking control of your health can be empowering as well as reassuring. A good set of results will not only give you the confidence to keep up the good work but will also give you the motivation to make further lifestyle changes to benefit your health in the long-term.

Take control of your health today, and feel your best with a Medichecks health test.

Key tests – heart disease risk, liver health, kidney function, hormones, diabetes

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